Employees and Management Involvement paved the way for Shermco Industries to join OSHA's Voluntary Protection Program (VPP)


Shermco Industries, established in 1974, provides testing, repair, professional training, maintenance and analysis of rotating machines including wind generator rewind and design, electrical power distribution systems and related equipment for the light, medium and heavy industrial base worldwide.

Success Impact

Increased Employee and Management Involvement through Safety and Health Points Program

During Stage I of the OSHA Challenge Program, management began looking for fun ways for employees to be involved with safety. The CEO implemented the "I Saw Something Safe" program during a flood recovery project where employees working on the job site could report "safe acts" by completing a form with the safe act that was observed. All entries were reviewed, and if approved were entered into a drawing each week for a cash prize. This was a successful program during the flood recovery project, so it was determined to implement this program company wide and make the drawing on a monthly basis.

During Stage II of the OSHA Challenge Program, management looked for even more fun ways for employees to participate and be involved in Safety and Health. Employees enjoyed the "I Saw Something Safe" program, but wanted more ways to participate in a recognition program. The Safety and Health Points Program was developed which expanded from the "I Saw Something Safe" program. Employees could report hazards, near misses, and unsafe acts, conduct safety audits, attend safety meetings, or participate on the Environmental Health Safety Committee (EHS) or the Voluntary Employee Safety Team (VEST), attend wellness events or have zero at fault company vehicle accidents. They would earn points for each activity they participated in and for each safe act they reported. The top ten employees with the most points win a cash prize. To enhance the program employees created the "Safety Pays" cards, which is an index card the technicians can easily carry with them to job sites and set up drop box stations with the cards throughout the building to make submitting an entry much easier.

During Stage III the program continued to evolve and participation increased. Management added several other ways for employees and managers to participate, including creating another employee led safety team named STEAM (Safety Team) that focus on non-production safety concerns. The team was tasked to develop pictures of unsafe conditions or hazards for employee to identify and provide the correct standard or guidance being violated. All employees that provided the correct answer were rewarded with safety-T shirts or gift cards.

Shermco Industries completed the three stages of OSHA Challenge and is now a Star participant in OSHA' Voluntary Protection Program.


Challenge Participant: Shermco Industries

Challenge Administrators: Gulf Coast Safety Institute, College of the Mainland

Approved to Participate in OSHA Challenge: June 27, 2008

Graduated OSHA Challenge: November 24, 2011

VPP Approval Date: May 11, 2015

Workers: Approximately 250

Industry (NAICS Code): Engineering Services (NAICS Code 541330)

Sources (Date): Cindy Lewis, Director, Gulf Coast Safety Institute, College of the Mainland; Al Woodson, Challenge Liaison, OSHA National Office; (July 2015)