Superior Metal Products, Safely and Proudly Manufacturing in the USA

Company: Superior Metal Products

Location: Omaha, Nebraska

NAICS Code: 332999- All Other Miscellaneous Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing

Number of employees: 46

Receiving their SHARP flag at the recognition ceremony in 2019

Receiving their SHARP flag at the recognition ceremony in 2019

Founded in 1971, Superior Metal Products partners with companies that require simple to complex complete machined components and assemblies. Superior Metal Products learned of Nebraska On-Site Consultation Program in 2012 and immediately recognized value in what the program had to offer. The company already used third party resources to perform safety audits, but the On-Site Consultation Program offered the additional expertise and fresh sets of eyes needed to bring hazard identification and elimination to a new level.

During its initial consultation visit, the safety consultant found improper and missing storage platform load limit labels and electrical disconnects that lacked adequate labeling. The company corrected all hazards found at that time. Since 2012, Superior Metal Products has maintained ongoing collaboration with OSHA On-Site Consultation to improve internal hazard identification audits, safety awareness, and employee training, and to foster continuous improvement.

In 2019, the company’s safety and health program reached a level deserving of acceptance into OSHA’s Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP). It received SHARP renewal in January of 2021. SHARP acknowledges small and medium-sized businesses that have used OSHA On-Site Consultation services and operate exemplary workplace safety and health programs. Small businesses that achieve SHARP status receive a deferral from OSHA or State Plan programmed inspections for the period that the SHARP designation is valid. Acceptance of a worksite into SHARP is an achievement that identifies the employer as a model for occupational safety and health among its business peers.

The company has worked 2,564 days and counting without a lost time injury or illness. This translates to seven years or well over a half million payroll hours. Superior Metal Products remains committed to the continual improvement of its safety and health program.

Companies interested in SHARP can contact their local OSHA On-Site Consultation program to discuss details and schedule an on-site safety and health evaluation. To locate the On-Site Consultation program nearest you, call 1-800-321-OSHA (6742) or visit