Oklahoma recognizes "Superheroes of Safety" Video Contest Winners

Company: Oklahoma Department of Labor’s On-site Consultation Program

Location: , Oklahoma

Recognizing safety and health excellence has long been a priority for the Oklahoma Department of Labor’s On-site Consultation Program. This year the Program partnered with the Oklahoma Safety Council and used creativity and technology to highlight and recognize best practices being implemented by employers in Oklahoma. The "Superheroes of Safety" video contest provided the perfect venue for employers to showcase their successes, best practices, creativity, and tell their safety and health story in a way that will educate and inspire other employers to do the same.

The winning videos were featured June 4-6, 2014 at the Annual Oklahoma Safety and Health Conference, which was sponsored by the Oklahoma Safety Council and Oklahoma Department of Labor. The videos represented a wide range of industries, all sizes of businesses, and focused on a variety of safety and health strategies. Each of the employers used the videos to recognize everyday “Safetyheroes” in their organizations who do the right thing day-in and day-out and found innovative ways to get the safety message to others—all with the goal of preventing workplace injuries.

More than 450 participants were in attendance at this year’s annual conference. Conference highlights can be viewed on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8u0My6VGj4&feature=youtu.be). Using digital video proved to be an ideal way to capture this valuable information in a way that it can be archived and easily shared for years to come. All winning videos can be viewed on the Oklahoma Department of Labor’s website, and on the YouTube Playlist.

The Oklahoma Department of Labor’s On-site Consultation Program looks forward to more occupational safety and health videos and contests in the future. Without a doubt, these videos are a great resource that will encourage other employers in their efforts to improve worker safety.

Winning videos included the following:

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