Ross Incineration Services Has A Burning Desire To Be Safe

Company: Ross Incineration Services, Inc.

Location: Grafton, Ohio

NAICS Code: 562211, Hazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal
Number of employees: 141
Main Incinerator at Ross Incineration Services
Main Incinerator at Ross Incineration Services.

Ross Incineration Services, Inc. (Ross Incineration) is a commercial hazardous waste treatment and storage facility that treats hazardous waste by incineration for many pharmaceutical companies, chemical manufacturers, automobile manufacturers, and intermediary waste managers. The facility is permitted under Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Part B. Ross Incineration’s goal has been to operate an exemplary safety and health program. In 2000, Ross Incineration began what would develop into a trusted relationship with the Ohio OSHA On-Site Consultation Program.

After requesting Consultation services, Ross Incineration was assigned a safety consultant and an industrial hygienist. Following Ohio OSHA On-Site Consultation’s first hazard assessment visits in 2000, Ross Incineration had a list of improvements to tackle. Improvements were required on lockout/tagout, hazard communication, and powered industrial truck programs. The industrial hygiene consultant also conducted employee exposure monitoring throughout the facility for noise, benzene, solvents, and heavy metals including lead. As a result, Ross Incineration enhanced its written programs, refined hazard identification associated with certain waste streams, added signage, and conducted training. The company continued to promptly address hazards identified during subsequent consultation visits.

Ross Incineration was initially approved as a Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) participant in 2003. It remained in SHARP until 2011, and re-entered the program in 2017. Its most recent renewal was in 2019. SHARP acknowledges small and medium-sized businesses that have used OSHA On-Site Consultation services and operate exemplary workplace safety and health programs. Small businesses that achieve SHARP status receive a deferral from OSHA or State Plan programmed inspections for the period that the SHARP designation is valid. Acceptance of a worksite into SHARP is an achievement that identifies the employer as a model for occupational safety and health among its business peers.

Since working with the On-Site Consultation Program, Ross Incineration has seen a significant reduction in injuries. Its Days Away, Restricted, or Transfer (DART) rate dropped from 11.6 in 2000 to 0.8 in 2019 and its Total Recordable Case (TRC) rate dropped from 16.1 in 2000 to 1.4 in 2019. Over the years, the Consultation Program helped Ross improve its safety and health programs and develop and maintain its safety culture, making safety a number one priority. One of the consultants who worked with Ross Incineration said, "They are committed to continuous improvements and providing a safe work environment for all employees and recognition is well-deserved."

Companies interested in SHARP can contact their local OSHA On-Site Consultation program to discuss details and schedule an on-site safety and health evaluation. To locate the On-Site Consultation program nearest you, call 1-800-321-OSHA (6742) or visit