Local Fire Department Works with Missouri Redi-Mix Plant on Confined Space Rescue Procedures with Assistance from Missouri Consultation Program

The Missouri On-Site Safety and Health Consultation Program


A Redi-Mix concrete plant in southern Missouri requested a visit from the Missouri On-Site Safety and Health Consultation Program to help improve the company’s safety and health management system. During the consultation visit in November of 2022, the consultant discovered that the company was relying on the local fire department to provide confined space rescue if needed. Knowing the complexity of confined space rescue procedures, the consultant recommended the company contact its local fire department to ensure that the fire department was adequately trained on the company's confined space and rescue procedures. The site had two permit-required confined spaces.

After being contacted by the Redi-Mix plant, the fire chief coordinated the training for the fire department with the company. The fire department received training on the locations of the confined spaces at the worksite, rescue equipment, and emergency procedures. To take full advantage of the confined space rescue training being provided to the fire department, the training was also provided to on-site Redi-Mix employees and Redi-Mix employees from other plant locations. Representatives from each of the company’s Redi Mix plants came to participate in the training.

Management of the Redi-Mix plant realized the importance of coordinating with and providing training to the local fire department to perform permit-required confined space rescue if needed. A timely rescue could mean the difference between saving or losing a life. Management of the Redi-Mix plant also realized the importance of developing a retraining schedule for the fire department to account for turnover among fire department volunteers and employees.

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