Colorado Homesafe Partnership Reduces Injury and Illness Rates and Promotes a Safety and Health Culture


The Colorado Homesafe Partnership was signed in September 2005 with the key objectives being to reduce serious injury and illness rates in the residential construction industry of Metropolitan Denver through training for residential home builders. The Partnership is also committed to developing and implementing effective safety and health management systems (SHMS). Partnership progress is monitored by the Homesafe II Committee performing annual audits of the partners and verification inspections of each partner being performed by OSHA.

Success Impact:
Safety and Health Culture is Promoted and Injury and Illness Rates Decline

This Partnership impacts 25 employers and over 1,600 employees. During the second year of the Partnership, 600 self-inspections were performed and 2,100 hazards were abated. A total of 32 training sessions were offered with over 1,800 employees attending. Two-hundred and thirty people attended an OSHA 10-hour course which was 118 more than in 2006 (almost a 50% increase).

There are four Master Builders in the Partnership that have implemented an effective SHMS which meets or exceeds OSHA's 1989 Guidelines. Twelve companies are in the process of improving their systems and programs while attempting to reach Master Builder status.

In 2006, the Partnership created an interactive fall protection training CD/DVD in both English and Spanish which is Part I of a four-part CD/DVD series. The Second CD/DVD titled, "The Lead Worker and Struck-by Hazards," is currently under development and is expected to be released in 2008.

The Partnership's injury and illness rates have steadily declined over the past three years. Between Year 1 and Year 2, the Days Away, Restricted and Transfer (DART) rate decreased by over 50% and the Total Case Incident Rate (TCIR) went from 7.7 to 4.1. The Partnership's overall average for their injury illness rates were significantly below the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) national average for the most recent year in the construction industry. The below table presents the Partnership's progress in reducing their injury and illness rates over the past three years.





Year 1: 2004



Year 2: 2005



Year 3: 2006



3-Year Average



BLS Industry National Average for Most Recent Year



Partnership Objectives:

The Home Safe Colorado Partnership was created to encourage employers in the residential homebuilding industry to strive for accident free job sites through effective safety and health training, job site audits, and compliance with OSHA standards. The four goals of the Home Safe Colorado Partnership are to: 1) reduce injury and illness rates and maintain the combined weighted average rate for all Master Builders substantially (at least 10%) below the corresponding national average; 2) document improvement in Home Safe Colorado Partners' Audit scores, both on an individual and a program-wide average basis; 3) demonstrate an increase in the percentage of the Master Builders' supervisors and subcontractors who have received appropriate safety training; and 4) demonstrate a decrease in the frequency of unprogrammed OSHA inspections among Master Builders, along with a decrease in the frequency of serious hazards found during unprogrammed or verification inspections (OSHA will provide HBA of Metro Denver with this data).


Origin: Region VIII, Englewood Area Offices

Partners: Richmond American Homes, Amber Homes, McStain Neighborhoods, Montgomery Homes LLC, D&R Framing, Van Dyke Construction, Rocky Mountain Drywall , Pase Contracting, Colorado Climate Control, Carrington Homes LLC, New Town Home Management, Cornerstone Inc, Jayman Master Builders, Oakwood Homes, Land Development, HollyBerry Home, Meadow Homes, Bristol Homes, Nixcavating Inc., KZ Smith Construction, Standard Pacific Homes

Partnership Signed: September 2005

Industry: Construction, NAICS Code 236115, 238130, 238310, 238340, 238220, 238140, 237210, 238910 SIC Code 1521

Employees: 1,600

Employers: 25

Source and Date: David Nelson, Region VIII, Englewood Area Offices / September 2007