Build Safe Partnership Program (BSPP) Reduces Injuries and Illnesses

BSPP Partnership Renewal Signing

BSPP Partnership Renewal Signing

Front row-Ned Shaw, Safety Director-Shaw Electric Company, Robert Mercer, Team Leader-Discrimination Section, Kris Lenoch, Team Leader-Wichita Area Office, Ben Bare, Area Director-Omaha Area Office, Barbara Theriot, Area Director-Kansas City Area Office, Patty McFarland, Program Analyst, Judy Freeman, Area Director-Wichita Area Office, Marcia Drumm, Deputy Regional Administrator, Dee Cantu, Assistant Regional Administrator-Administrative Programs, Jean Williams, Team Leader-Kansas City Area Office, Glenn Taylor, Assistant Regional Administrator-Compliance Assistance Programs, and Pat Vantuyl, Team Leader-Administrative Programs.

Back row-Jack Shaffer, Team Leader-Wichita Area Office, Don Campbell-Safety Director-P1 Group, Bill McDonald, Area Director-St. Louis Area Office, Brian Schrader-Travelers Insurance, J.W. Page-Safety Director, Lytle Construction, Inc., Charles Adkins, CIH, Regional Administrator, Phil Shoemaker-Director of Safety Services, The Builders' Assn., Chester Razer, Team Leader-St. Louis Area Office, Dave Hulse-Safety Director, J.E. Dunn Construction Co., and Dan Corcoran, Team Leader-Kansas City Area Office.


The Build Safe Partnership Program (BSPP), following a successful three years, was renewed for an additional five years in a ceremony held on April 26, 2007. Partnership signatories include The Builders' Association and OSHA's Kansas City Regional Office (Region VII), the Kansas City Area Office, the St. Louis Area Office Wichita Area Office, and the Omaha Area Office. The Builders' Association, which is a chapter of the Associated General Contractors (AGC), represents union and non-union companies throughout Missouri and eastern Kansas, including some who operate in Nebraska.

The Partnership, with 21 active participants at the time of the renewal, encourages contractors to voluntarily improve their safety and health performance by implementing effective safety and health management systems (SHMS) and effective safety and health training programs for management, supervisors, and employees.

Success Impact:
Reduced Injury and Illness Rates - Days Away, Restricted and Transfer (DART), Total Case Incident Rate (TCIR)

The Partnership's Days Away, Restricted and Transfer (DART) rate decreased 15.3% and the Total Recordable Injury Case Rate (TCIR) decreased 26.4% between the years of 2003-2005 for the 22 contractors covered by the Partnership. In addition, the 2005 TCIR for the overall group was 32.5% below the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) national average rate for the construction industry. During the 2005 calendar year, there were no fatalities and only 52 lost-time accidents out of 12,539,883 man-hours worked which is less than one percent.

Striving for Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Recognition

The Weitz Company, one of many partnering companies in the BSPP, was the first participant to successfully complete the OSHA Challenge Pilot. OSHA Challenge helps companies take a more proactive approach to safety and health by providing an online roadmap that guides them through the steps needed to improve their SHMS and prepare for application to OSHA's premier recognition program, the Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP). As employers make incremental improvements in SHMS, OSHA recognizes their progress.

Partnership Objectives:

The Partnership was formed to address reaching the goal of fatality and injury and illness reduction through focusing on the following worksite hazards:

  • Falls
  • Struck-by
  • Caught-in/between
  • Electrocutions at construction sites
  • Amputations, cuts, lacerations or punctures
  • Lockout/tagout hazards
  • Machine guarding at the participants' fabrication shops
Origin: Region VII, Kansas City, Wichita, St. Louis, and Omaha Area Offices
Partners: The Builders' Association, Barnes and Dodge, Inc., Walton Construction, The Fagan, Company, The Weitz Company, J.E. Dunn Construction, Foley Company, McCown Gordon Construction Co., LLC, Standard Sheet Metal Inc., SKC Electric, Walton Construction, HUX LT, Huxtable and Associates, ADJ-HUX, AD Jacobsen, US Electrical, Carson Mitchell, CML, Clarkson Construction, Hausman Metal Works and Roofing Company, Bob DeGeorge and Associates Inc., Lico Steel, Universal Construction, MA Mortenson, Rau Construction, River City Construction
Partnership Signed: Partnership renewal signed April 2007
Industry: Construction (NAICS Code 236220, 237310, 238120, 238210, 238220, SIC Code 1542, 1622, 1791, 1711, 1796, respectively)
Employees: 5,027
Employers: 25
Source and Date: Submitted by Patty McFarland, Region VII, Kansas City Regional Office / May 2007