SM Wilson and Company OSHA Strategic Partnership focuses on training and site inspections to promote safety awareness during the Bio-Medical Research Building #1 Project


On September 25, 2007, the SM Wilson and Company formed an OSHA Strategic Partnership (OSP) with OSHA Region VII's St. Louis Area Office to promote safety and health during the construction of the new Bio-Medical Research Building #1 at the Washington University of Medicine/Barnes-Jewish Hospital Campus. The partnership included 71 project subcontractors, the St. Louis Building and Construction Trades Council, and the Carpenters District Council of Greater St. Louis. The goals of the partnership goal were to maintain a lost time incidence rate below the Bureau of Labor Statistics' (BLS) national average for construction without fatalities, implementation of effective safety and health management systems and implementation of a fall protective plan for work to be performed six feet or more above a lower surface. The OSP concluded December 19, 2009 with completion of the project.

Success Impact:
Training leads to decrease in Injury and Illness Rates

One of OSP key goals was to promote safety and health by increasing training opportunities for OSP participants. During the partnership all 2451 employees received on-site safety orientation training, which included general site conditions and site specific safety rules. Additional training topics included; fall protection, aerial and equipment lift training, site-specific crane training (crane erection, emergency crane retrieval system, and specialized training for jacking cranes to higher elevation), and safety awareness training involving the Metro Link of St. Louis. During the duration of the OSP a total of 226 self-inspections were conducted with a total of 142 hazards identified and abated. A total of 72 employers and 2,451 employees were impacted by the OSP.

The 2005 Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) TCIR (6.3) and DART (3.4) rates were selected as the baseline measurements for the Partnership's as it was the most recent BLS rate available at the time of the partnership signing. The Project Total TCIR and DART were 2.8 and .82; 56% and 76%, respectively, below 2005 BLS. Please reference the table below.

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Hours Worked

# of Total Cases


# of Dart Cases














Project Total






2005 BLS National Average for NAICS (23)






% Below BLS






Partnership Objectives:

The key objectives of the OSP were to: Maintain a lost time incidence rate below the BLS national average without fatalities; Conduct frequent jobsite inspections, utilizing a system developed by the Partnership Members; ensure all employees received training; implement a fall protection plan where work was being performed six feet or more above a lower surface; and require all contractors and subcontractors to develop and implement safety and health management systems.

Origin: Region VII, St. Louis Area Office
Partners: Signatories for the partnership included SM Wilson & Company; Carpenters' District Council of Greater St. Louis; and St. Louis Building and Construction Trades Council. A total of 71 subcontractors were impacted by the partnership.
Partnership Signed: September 25, 2007
Industry (NAICS Code): Nonresidential building construction (2362)
Employees: 2451
Employers: 72 (SM Wilson plus 71 subcontractors)
Source/Date: Jacalyn Wheeler, Program Analyst, OSHA, Region VII