Georgia State University Science Park Project Partnership Promotes Safety and Health


On November 14, 2007, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) Region IV Atlanta-West Area Office, McCarthy Building Companies Inc. and the Georgia Tech On-site Consultation Services signed a partnership agreement to ensure the highest level of employee safety and health during construction of the Georgia State University Science Park.

Success Impact:
Safety and Health Collaboration and Partnership Promotion

Collaboration is a key component to a successful Partnership. To support the OSHA National Crane Safety Initiative and to raise awareness of crane safety, on September 9, 2008, the McCarthy Construction Company worked with the Atlanta West Area Office to provide training to OSHA Compliance Assistance Specialists, Area Directors and Assistant Area Directors about the safety requirements on tower cranes and rigging operations.

The first training session was a classroom session that covered risk management, basic rigging plan, rigging loads, the rigging triangle, hardware application use, hardware inspection and the application and inspection of slings.

The J&J Rigging and Erecting Company, a subcontractor to McCarthy conducted the second session which was two additional hours of classroom training. The training covered tower crane erecting and tower crane climbing. The classroom training sessions were conducted at the Georgia State University Student Center.

J&J Rigging and Erecting also provided hands-on training at the McCarthy job site of the Georgia State University to provide the students with the visual observation of the tower crane and to reinforce what was covered in the classroom.

The National Crane Safety Initiative builds on a number of steps taken by OSHA earlier this year to raise awareness on crane safety. The Crane Safety Initiative will provide information and outreach to the construction industry and other stakeholders, offer enhanced resources to OSHA inspectors who address crane safety and implement a National Emphasis Program on Crane Safety.

Partnership Objectives:

The primary goals of this Partnership are to reduce injuries and illnesses by 10% and provide a safe and healthful work environment for employees at the Georgia State University Science Park. Implementing safety and health management systems and improving safety and health procedures at the worksite by ensuring that best practices are shared with all subcontractors are key parts of this partnership agreement. Another important element of this partnership involves increasing the number of employees, employers, and who receive effective safety and health training. Enhancing the skills and expertise of OSHA personnel in crane safety was an outgrowth of the relationships established through the partnership.

  • To implement open communications between the Houston Chapter AGC membership and the OSHA Houston North and South Area Offices in a manner that encourages respect and understanding.
  • To share knowledge of the best industry technology, innovations, and work practices that improves jobsite safety and health performance.
  • To cooperate in the development and improvement of safety training programs for the construction industry.
  • To ensure that enforcement policies and practices are effective, consistent, and fair.
  • To promote principles of good faith and fair dealings as the foundation of the Partnership.
Origin: Region IV, Atlanta-West Area Office
Partners: Region IV Atlanta-West Area Office, McCarthy Building Companies Inc. and the Georgia Tech On-site Consultation Services
Partnership Signed: October 2003
Industry: Construction (NAICS Code 236210, SIC Code 1542)
Employees: 150
Employers: 1
Source and Date: Al Woodson, National Office (October 22, 2008)