The Alabama Automotive Manufacturing Group Partnership Makes Progress in Reducing Injuries and Illnesses in the Automotive Industry


In April 2006, the Alabama Automotive Manufacturing Group and OSHA's Region IV Mobile Area Office signed an OSHA Strategic Partnership (OSP) to target the prevailing worker hazard exposures in the automotive industry (unguarded machinery, hazardous chemicals, and effective control and isolation of stored energy) and reduce injury and illness rates. The Partnership was renewed in April 2008.

Success Impact:
Safety and Health Training Increases, Injury and Illness Rates Significantly Decrease

During the evaluation period of January 1, 2007-December 31, 2007, 6,923 employees received 32,757 hours of safety and health training. Nineteen partners' safety and health management systems (SHMS) were improved and reductions in Total Case Incident Rates (TCIR) and Days Away, Restricted and Transferred (DART) rates declined from 21.6 and 12.8 in 2006, to 8.7 and 5.0 in 2007 respectively. The Partnership's TCIR is 24% below the Bureau of Labor Statistics' (BLS) national average and the DART rate is 23% below for that specific industry. Presented below are the Partnership's DART and TCIR rates for 2006 and 2007.




Year 2: 2006



Year 3: 2007



OSP Average



BLS Industry National Average for Most Recent Year



Although the average rates are slightly higher than the BLS national average for the most recent year, the difference in rates between the first two years of the Partnership shows the significant progress that the Partnership is making. In 2007, the TCIR declined from 21.6 to 8.7 and the DART rate declined from 12.8 to 5.0.

Partnership Objectives:

The key objectives of the Partnership are to provide Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama (HMMA) team members and employees of participating Tier One suppliers, a safe and healthy workplace by targeting exposures to the prevailing hazards in the automotive industry such as (e.g., unguarded machinery, hazardous chemicals, effective control and isolation of stored energy). Improvements in these areas were accomplished through demonstrated leadership and the development and implementation of effective SHMS.

Origin: Region IV, Mobile Area Office
Partners: Hyundai Motor Manufacturing of Alabama, LLC, Arvin Meritor Sejong, Arvin, Meritor OE, Daehan Solutions, Dongwon Autopart Technology Alabama, LLC, Glovis Alabama, Glovis America, Halla Climate Systems, Hanil E Hwa, Hwashin America Corporation, Hysco , Lear Corporation, Mando America Corporation, Mobis Alabama, SL Alabama, SMART Alabama, LLC, Sungwoo, EnovaPremier of Alabama (T & W A), NEMAK Alabama (Teksid)
Partnership Signed: April 2006 (renewed April 2008)
Industry: Manufacturing, NAICS Code 336111, 336399, 541614, 336211, 336370, 336321, 561499 SIC Code 3711, 3714-01, 3714, 8742, 3465, 2531, 3647, 7389, 3363, respectively
Employees: 7,971
Employers: 19
Source and Date: Ken Atha, Region IV, Mobile Area Office, April 2008