Barton Malow Company: Achieves OSP Goal of Reducing Injury and Illness Rate in Construction of Bayfront Convention Center and Sheraton Hotel Headquarters


In January 2007, the Barton Malow Company from the construction industry and OSHA's Region III Area Office in Erie, Pennsylvania joined together to form an OSHA Strategic Partnership (OSP). The OSP's key purpose was to reduce the total Days Away, Restricted or Transferred (DART) rate by four percent each year during the construction of the 78 million dollar Bayfront Convention Center (BCC) and Sheraton Headquarters Hotel.

Success Impact:

Training Increases and Injury and Illness Rates Decline - Days Away, Restricted and Transfer (DART)

The Partnership's DART baseline rate (2.8) was established when it was discovered that a number of workers were getting injured at the worksites. Partners recommended that more frequent onsite visits be conducted by corporate safety and health staff. When the number of onsite visits increased, the number of recorded incidents declined.

The Partnership agreed to offer and provide more safety and health training to supervisors and employees at the worksites with the hopes of lowering the overall DART rate. The first Annual Evaluation of the Partnership revealed that the Partnership's DART rate was below the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) industry average of 2.8 for that same year. The Partnership achieved this goal as a result of the 2,000 hours of training provided to supervisors and employees.

Below is a chart of the DART data collected from the first year of the Barton Malow Company Partnership when compared to its baseline rate and the BLS industry national average for the most recent year:

Baseline Rate 2.8
Year 1 Rate 2.24
BLS Industry National Average for Most Recent Year 2.8
Partnership Objectives:

The Partnership was formed to develop a working relationship between the contractors, building trades council, and OSHA to improve safety and health conditions at the two construction worksites. Through this Partnership agreement, the Barton Malow Company and its contractors develop, implement, and maintain an effective and comprehensive safety and health management system that will help achieve a DART rate that is below the national average. OSHA and Barton Malow cooperate to continuously monitor, identify, and correct the primary causal factors in injuries, illnesses, and near misses.

  • Origin: Region III, Erie Area Office
  • Partners: Barton Malow Company
  • Partnership Signed: January 2007
  • Industry: Construction, NAICS Code 236220, SIC Code 1542
  • Employees: 140
  • Employers: 1
  • Source: Joe Chmielewski, Region III, Erie Area Office