Michael Foods: $250,000 Reduction in Workers' Compensation Costs

Company: Michael Foods, Inc.

Location: Elizabeth, New Jersey

Employees: 60 full-time employees

Michael Foods, Inc.
Michael Foods, Inc.
Company Description:

Michael Foods, Inc. is a diversified food processor and distributor of egg and potato products, refrigerated grocery and cheese. The Distribution Center, a designated SHARP facility, is a subsidiary of Papetti Foods and was started by the Papetti family more than 50 years ago. It is located in Elizabeth, New Jersey and has 60 full-time employees.


Mr. Damir Tutundzic, Safety Manager, said that the decision to try for SHARP was made after receiving a letter from OSHA notifying Michael Foods that they were likely candidates for inspection due to their workplace injury and illness rates. Michael Foods management group, headed by Distribution Center Manager, Tony Galioto, got together and asked the question: "Instead of trying to fly below OSHA's radar, why don't we see what it takes to fly above the radar? We need to make sure our people are safe!"

Road to SHARP:

As suggested in the letter from OSHA, Michael Foods contacted OSHA's On-site Consultation Program for free, confidential safety and health information and assistance at the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Damir Tutundzic said, "When you want to know if your company is doing all the right things as it relates to health and safety, who better than OSHA to tell you."

Benefits of SHARP:

Damir Tutundzic reported Michael Foods is a stronger company since becoming SHARP. Productivity is up and at one point the Distribution Center had worked over 1,500 days without any lost time incidents and over 700 days without a reportable accident. He added, "All of these efforts led to a reduction in workers' compensation costs of nearly $250,000 and 100 percent employee engagement."

To Discuss Michael Foods, Inc.'s SHARP Experience: (908) 282-7975.