Dakota Manufacturing Works with South Dakota On-site Consultation Program to Incorporate Newer Safety and Health Procedures and Practices

Company: Dakota Manufacturing Company, Inc

Location: Mitchell & Platte, South Dakota

Employees: 140 employees

Dakota Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Dakota Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Company Description:

Dakota Manufacturing Company, Inc. is a family-owned small business with 140 employees. The main office and Plant 1 are located in Mitchell, South Dakota and Plant 2 is located in Platte, South Dakota. The company has manufactured TRAIL-EZE specialty lowboy trailers for more than 45 years.


Through our years of work with the On-site Consultation Program, our company is steadily improving and strengthening our safety and health culture. Creating a safer environment for our employees and offering them better safety and health training has increased employee morale and lowered our employee turnover rate. Making safety a part of the way we do business is an integral part of our business's success.

Road to SHARP:

Mr. Ray Paradis, the Manufacturing Manager, said that he is proud of the support and direction that the On-site Consultation Program has provided to his business. With the help of the On-site Consultation Program, Dakota Manufacturing, one of the oldest SHARP Program participants, has created a positive safety and health culture and enhanced employee morale. Mr. Paradis considers the SHARP program a valuable resource because it allows members of his management TEAM to incorporate newer safety and health procedures and practices that will ultimately provide the safest work environment for his employees.

Benefits of SHARP:

Mr. Paradis said, "Benefits of being SHARP are clear-safety for our employees, less employee turn-over, as well as more profits for the company. It's a win-win situation for the whole TEAM."

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