Training Resources

OSHA Fall from a Telecommunications Tower (PDF). OSHA FATAL Facts No. 7, (2014).

OSHA Fall Prevention Training Guide - A Lesson Plan for Employers (PDF). A Spanish version (PDF) is also available.

OSHA Alliance Program Toolbox talks and Training products

OSHA Scaffold eTool

Scaffolding: Narrow Frame Scaffolds Fact Sheet (PDF). (OSHA 3722 - 2014).

Material Hoist Collapse (PDF). OSHA FATAL Facts No. 8, (2014).

Prevention Videos (v-Tools)

American Ladder InstituteAmerican Ladder Institute provided by the American Ladder Institute includes step ladders, single ladders, extension ladders, articulated ladders and mobile ladder sessions. Now available in Spanish.

Boat People SOS: Walking/Working SurfacesSlips, Trips and Falls (PPT) (2008). A Cambodian version (PPT), Laotian version (PPT) and Vietnamese version (PPT) are also available.

CPWR: Stop Construction Falls: contains educational and training tools including the fatality map.

FACE Reports

Massachusetts Department of Public Health Resources: Fall Prevention for Construction Workers

Philadelphia Area Project on Occupational Safety and HealthFall Protection in Construction (2009). An Español version is also available.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas Training MaterialFall Protection (2009). An Español version is also available.


5 Ways to Prevent Workplace Falls

  • 3M recalls fall prevention device over safety concerns DBI-SALA Lad-Saf Sleeve - Stop Use and Recall/Replacement (English) (Spanish), August 30, 2016

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