Employers must train workers in hazard recognition and the care and safe use of equipment such as ladders and scaffolds, and fall protection systems.

  • OSHA has provided numerous resources which are publicly available on its website at Employers can use these resources during toolbox talks to train their employees on safe practices to avoid falls in construction. Falls can be prevented when employees understand proper set up and safe use of equipment.
  • Ladder Safety: Employees must be trained to properly use a ladder- this includes safety measures like:
    • Maintain three points of contact
    • Place the ladder on level footing
    • Always face the ladder
    • Secure the ladder by locking the metal braces at the center of the ladder
    • Don't overreach
    • Don't walk the ladder
  • Scaffold Safety: Employees must be trained to safely set up and use scaffolds- this includes safety measures like:
    • During setup: fully plank scaffolds, complete all guardrails, ensure stable footing and plumb and level
    • Ensure proper access to scaffolds
    • A competent person must inspect the scaffold before use
    • Don't climb over cross braces
    • Don't stand on guardrails
    • Don't use a ladder on a scaffold
  • Roof Safety: Employees must be trained to avoid fall hazards on a roof and properly use fall protection equipment-this includes safety measures like:
    • Make sure your harness fits and is not defective when using PFAS
    • Always stay connected/tie off
    • Ensure that all anchor points are safe
    • Protect all holes, openings and skylights
    • Don't sit or walk on skylights or other openings

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5 Ways to Prevent Workplace Falls

  • 3M recalls fall prevention device over safety concerns DBI-SALA Lad-Saf Sleeve - Stop Use and Recall/Replacement (English) (Spanish), August 30, 2016

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