Workplace Preparedness, How Small Businesses Can Prepare for H1N1 Influenza
Directorate of Cooperative and State Programs Office of Small Business Assistance Presents...

"Workplace Preparedness,
How Small Businesses Can Prepare for
H1N1 Influenza"

Panel Discussion Featuring:
Dr. Rosemary Sokas, Director
OSHA Office of Occupational Medicine
Tina Jones, Director
OSHA Office of Science and Technology Assessment
Kenneth Schoultz, Regional Industrial Hygienist
Virginia Department of Health
Emergency Response & Preparedness Programs
Rachel Abbey, Program Manager
Montgomery County Maryland Advanced Practice Center
Department of Health and Human Services
Jeff Allende, Vice President of Human Resources
Richmond Cold Storage

September 30, 2009
1:00 P.M. - 3:00 P.M.
U.S. Department of Labor, FPB Auditorium

Session Overview:
  • The panel will examine the latest guidance on workplace preparedness for H1N1(swine flu). Work practice and engineering controls will be explored.
  • Local health department representatives will address the impact of H1N1 in their communities and discuss their planning efforts.
  • Participants will receive tools, resources and strategies for reducing the risk of exposure to pandemic influenza (H1N1) in the workplace.

RSVP with Russell Jones (202) 693-2532 or Charlene Crawford (202) 693-2165 by June 25, 2009.