Description for 7622: Radio and Television Repair Shops

Division I: Services | Major Group 76: Miscellaneous Repair Services | Industry Group 762: Electrical Repair Shops

7622 Radio and Television Repair Shops
Establishments primarily engaged in repairing radios, televisions, phonographs, stereo equipment, and tape recorders. Also included are establishments engaged in installing and repairing television, amateur, and citizens'band antennas; or in installing and servicing radio transmitting and receiving equipment in homes, offices, boats, automobiles, or other vehicles. Establishments primarily engaged in installation, repair, or maintenance of radio and television broadcast transmitting antennas and towers are classified in Construction, Division C.

  • Aircraft radio equipment repair
  • Antennas, household: installation and service
  • Automotive radio repair shops
  • Citizens'band (CB) antennas, installation of
  • Intercommunications equipment repair
  • Phonograph repair: stereo, hi-fi, and tape recorder
  • Public address system repair
  • Radio and television receiver installation
  • Radio repair shops
  • Stereophonic equipment repair
  • Television repair shops
  • Video recorder or player repair