Description for 5082: Construction and Mining (Except Petroleum) Machinery and Equipment

Division F: Wholesale Trade | Major Group 50: Wholesale Trade-durable Goods | Industry Group 508: Machinery, Equipment, And Supplies

5082 Construction and Mining (Except Petroleum) Machinery and Equipment
Establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of construction or mining cranes, excavating machinery and equipment, power shovels, road construction and maintenance machinery, tractor-mounting equipment and other specialized machinery and equipment used in the construction, mining, and logging industries. Establishments engaged in marketing oil well machinery and equipment are classified in Industry 5084.

  • Bituminous processing equipment-wholesale
  • Concrete processing equipment-wholesale
  • Construction machinery and equipment-wholesale
  • Cranes, construction-wholesale
  • Crushing, pulverizing and screening machinery for construction and
  • Dredges and draglines, except ships-wholesale
  • Excavating machinery and equipment-wholesale
  • Forestry equipment-wholesale
  • Front-end loaders-wholesale
  • Graders, motor-wholesale
  • Logging equipment-wholesale
  • Mineral beneficiation machinery-wholesale
  • Mining machinery and equipment, except petroleum-wholesale
  • Mixers, construction and mining-wholesale
  • Pavers-wholesale
  • Quarrying machinery and equipment-wholesale
  • Road construction and maintenance machinery-wholesale
  • Scaffolding-wholesale
  • Shovels, power-wholesale
  • Tracklaying equipment-wholesale
  • Tractor-mounting equipment-wholesale
  • Tractors, construction-wholesale
  • Well points (drilling equipment)-wholesale