Description for 5013: Motor Vehicle Supplies and New Parts

Division F: Wholesale Trade | Major Group 50: Wholesale Trade-durable Goods | Industry Group 501: Motor Vehicles And Motor Vehicle Parts And Supplies

5013 Motor Vehicle Supplies and New Parts
Establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of motor vehicle supplies, accessories, tools, and equipment; and new motor vehicle parts.

  • Automobile engine testing equipment electrical-wholesale
  • Automobile glass-wholesale
  • Automobile service station equipment-wholesale
  • Automotive accessories-wholesale
  • Automotive engines, new-wholesale
  • Automotive parts, new-wholesale
  • Automotive stampings-wholesale
  • Automotive supplies-wholesale
  • Batteries, automotive-wholesale
  • Engine electrical equipment, automotive-wholesale
  • Garage service equipment-wholesale
  • Hardware, automotive-wholesale
  • Motorcycle parts-wholesale
  • Pumps, measuring and dispensing: gasoline and oil-wholesale
  • Seat belts, automotive-wholesale
  • Seat covers, automotive-wholesale
  • Service station equipment, automobile-wholesale
  • Testing equipment, electrical: automotive-wholesale
  • Tools and equipment, automotive-wholesale
  • Wheels, motor vehicle: new-wholesale