Description for 3953: Marking Devices

Division D: Manufacturing | Major Group 39: Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries | Industry Group 395: Pens, Pencils, And Other Artists Materials

3953 Marking Devices
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing rubber and metal hand-stamps, dies, and seals; steel letters and figures; and stencils for use in painting or marking. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing felt tip markers are classified in Industry 3951.

  • Dies, hand seal
  • Figures (marking devices), metal
  • Hand stamps, stencils, and brands
  • Irons, marking or branding
  • Letters (marking devices), metal
  • Numbering stamps, with rubber type: hand
  • Pads, inking and stamping
  • Paper stencils
  • Printing dies, rubber
  • Screens, textile printing
  • Seal presses, notary, hand
  • Seals, hand (dies)
  • Stamps, hand: time, date, postmark, cancelling, shoe, and
  • Stencils for use in painting and marking: e.g., metal, cardboard