Description for 2823: Cellulosic Manmade Fibers

Division D: Manufacturing | Major Group 28: Chemicals And Allied Products | Industry Group 282: Plastics Materials And Synthetic Resins, Synthetic

2823 Cellulosic Manmade Fibers
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing cellulosic fibers (including cellulose acetate and regenerated cellulose such as rayon by the viscose or cuprammonium process) in the form of monofilament, yarn, staple, or tow suitable for further manufacturing on spindles, looms, knitting machines, or other textile processing equipment.

  • Acetate fibers
  • Cellulose acetate monofilament, yarn, staple, or tow
  • Cellulose fibers, manmade
  • Cigarette tow cellulosic fiber
  • Cuprammonium fibers
  • Fibers, rayon
  • Horsehair artificial rayon
  • Nitrocellulose fibers
  • Rayon primary products: fibers, straw strips, and yarn
  • Rayon yarn, made in chemical plants
  • Regenerated cellulose fibers
  • Textured yarns and fibers, cellulosic made in chemical plants
  • Triacetate fibers
  • Viscose fibers, bands, strips and yarn
  • Yarn cellulosic: made in chemical plants