Description for 2258: Lace and Warp Knit Fabric Mills

Division D: Manufacturing | Major Group 22: Textile Mill Products | Industry Group 225: Knitting Mills

2258 Lace and Warp Knit Fabric Mills
Establishments primarily engaged in knitting, dyeing, or finishing warp (flat) knit fabrics, or in manufacturing, dyeing, or finishing lace goods.

  • Bed sets, lace
  • Cloth, warp knit-mitse
  • Covers, lace: chair, dresser, piano, and table
  • Curtains and curtain fabrics, lace
  • Dyeing and finishing lace goods
  • Dyeing and finishing warp knit fabrics
  • Edgings, lace
  • Fabrics, warp knit-mitse
  • Finishing of warp knit fabrics
  • Galloons, lace
  • Knit fabrics, warp: knitting, dyeing, or finishing
  • Lace goods: curtains, bedspreads, table covers, flouncings, and
  • Lace, knit
  • Laces: Barmen, bobbinet, levers, and Nottingham
  • Mosquito netting, warp knit-mitse
  • Netting made on a lace or net machine
  • Netting, knit-mitse
  • Pile fabrics, warp knit
  • Tricot fabrics
  • Warp (flat) knit fabrics