Description for 2041: Flour and Other Grain Mill Products

Division D: Manufacturing | Major Group 20: Food And Kindred Products | Industry Group 204: Grain Mill Products

2041 Flour and Other Grain Mill Products
Establishments primarily engaged in milling flour or meal from grain, except rice. The products of flour mills may be sold plain or in the form of prepared mixes or doughs for specific purposes. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing prepared flour mixes or doughs from purchased ingredients are classified in Industry 2045, and those milling rice are classified in Industry 2044.

  • Bran and middlings, except rice
  • Bread and bread-type roll mixes-mitse
  • Buckwheat flour
  • Cake flour-mitse
  • Cereals, cracked grain-mitse
  • Corn grits and flakes for brewers'use
  • Dough, biscuit-mitse
  • Doughs, refrigerated or frozen-mitse
  • Durum flour
  • Farina, except breakfast food-mitse
  • Flour mills, cereals: except rice
  • Flour mixes-mitse
  • Flour: blended, prepared, or self-rising-mitse
  • Flour: buckwheat, corn, graham, rye, and wheat
  • Frozen doughs-mitse
  • Graham flour
  • Granular wheat flour
  • Grits and flakes, corn: for brewers'use
  • Hominy grits, except breakfast food
  • Meal, corn
  • Milling of grains, dry, except rice
  • Mixes, flour: e.g., pancake, cake, biscuit, doughnut-mitse
  • Pancake batter, refrigerated or frozen-mitse
  • Pizza mixes and prepared dough-mitse
  • Semolina (flour)
  • Sorghum grain flour
  • Wheat germ
  • Wheat mill feed