Unified Agenda - Table of Contents Unified Agenda - Table of Contents

Priority: Economically

Significant. Major status under 5 USC 801 is undetermined.

Unfunded Mandates: Undetermined

Legal Authority: 29 USC 655(b); 40 USC 333

CFR Citation: 29 CFR 1926.52

Legal Deadline: None

Abstract: OSHA issued a section 6(b)(5) health standard mandating a comprehensive hearing conservation program for noise-exposed workers in general industry in 1983. However, no rule was promulgated to cover workers in the construction industry. A number of recent studies have shown that many construction workers experience work-related hearing loss. In addition, the use of engineering, administrative and personal protective equipment to reduce exposures to noise is not extensive in this industry. OSHA published an advance notice of proposed rulemaking to gather information on the extent of noise-induced hearing loss among workers in different trades in this industry, current practices to reduce this loss, and additional approaches and protections that could be used to prevent such loss in the future. Work continues on collecting and analyzing information to determine technological and economic feasibility of possible approaches.


Action Date FR Cite

ANPRM 08/05/02 67 FR 50610
ANPRM Comment Period End 11/04/02  
Stakeholder Meetings 03/24/04  
Additional Stakeholder Meeting 07/21/04  

Next Action Undetermined

Regulatory Flexibility Analysis Required: Undetermined

Government Levels Affected: None

Agency Contact: Dorothy Dougherty, Acting Director, Directorate of Standards and Guidance, Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 200 Constitution Avenue NW., FP Building, Room 3718, Washington, DC 20210
Phone: 202 693-1950
Fax: 202 693-1678
Email: dougherty.dorothy@dol.gov

RIN: 1218-AB89

Unified Agenda - Table of Contents Unified Agenda - Table of Contents