Unified Agenda - Table of Contents Unified Agenda - Table of Contents


Priority: Substantive, Nonsignificant

Unfunded Mandates: Undetermined

Legal Authority: 29 CFR 1928 subpart C; Sections 4,6, and 8 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970(29 USC 653,655,657); Secretary of Labor's Order No. 12.71(36 FR 8754), 8-76(41 FR 25059), 9-83(48 FR 35736, 1-90(55 FR 9033), 6-96(62 FR 111), 3-2000(65 FR 50017) or 5-2002(67 FR 65008) as applicable.Sections 1928.51, 192; 29 CFR 1926 subpart W - Rollover Protective Structures; Overhead Protection: Section 107, Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act (Construction Safety Act), 40 USC 333; Sections 1926.1002 and 19

CFR Citation: 29 CFR 1926; 29 CFR 1928

Legal Deadline: None

Abstract: In 1996, OSHA published a technical amendment revising the construction and agriculture standards that regulate testing of roll-over protective structures (ROPS) used to protect employees who operate wheel-type tractors. This revision removed the original, detailed ROPS standards and replaced them with references to national consensus standards for ROPS-testing requirements. The Agency believed that the national consensus standards largely duplicated the ROPS standards they replaced, and that any differences between them were not substantive. Subsequently, OSHA identified several substantive differences between the national consensus standards and the original ROPS standards. The rulemaking would reinstate the original ROPS standards.


Action Date FR Cite

Direct Final Rule 02/00/05  

Regulatory Flexibility Analysis Required: No

Government Levels Affected: Undetermined

Federalism: Undetermined

Agency Contact: Steven F. Witt, Director, Directorate of Standards and Guidance, Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 200 Constitution Avenue NW., Room N-3718, FP Building, Washington, DC 20210
Phone: 202 693-1950
Fax: 202 693-1678

RIN: 1218-AC15

Unified Agenda - Table of Contents Unified Agenda - Table of Contents