Unified Agenda - Table of Contents Unified Agenda - Table of Contents


Priority: Other Significant. Major status under 5 USC 801 is undetermined.

Unfunded Mandates: Undetermined

Legal Authority: 29 USC 653; 29 USC 655; 29 USC 657

CFR Citation: 29 CFR 1910.156

Legal Deadline: None

Abstract: Fighting fires as members of fire brigades presents a significant risk of harm to employees. To mitigate these risks, OSHA promulgated a standard for fire brigades in 1980. However, the standard is now more than 16 years old, and does not reflect current advances in technology and safety. Consequently, under this action the existing fire brigade standard would be revised to reflect the latest technology in safety, particularly with respect to personal protective equipment and emergency procedures. Gaps in coverage would also be addressed, since the existing fire brigade standard does not cover wildland fire fighting or crash-rescue type fire fighting. OSHA may rely on the Negotiated Rulemaking process to revise this standard and the States are expected to play a major role in any rulemaking on this issue.


Action Date FR Cite

Notice of Intent To Form
Negotiated Rulemaking Committee
    for Fire Brigades
Approval of Charter 09/00/98
Appointment of Members 11/00/98

Small Entities Affected: Undetermined

Government Levels Affected: Undetermined

Agency Contact: John F. Martonik, Acting Director, Directorate of Safety Standards Programs, Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 200 Constitution Avenue NW., Room N3605, FP Building, Washington, DC 20210
Phone: 202 219-8061
Fax: 202 219-7477
Email: jmartonik@dol.gov

RIN: 1218-AB64

Unified Agenda - Table of Contents Unified Agenda - Table of Contents