Division F: Wholesale Trade
Major Group 50: Wholesale Trade-durable Goods

Industry Group 506: Electrical Goods

5063 Electrical Apparatus and Equipment Wiring Supplies, and Construction Materials

Establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of electrical power equipment for the generation, transmission, distribution, or control of electric energy; electrical construction materials for outside power transmission lines and for electrical systems; and electric light fixtures and bulbs. Construction contractors primarily engaged in installing electrical systems and equipment from their own stock are classified in Construction, Industry 1731.
  • Alarm signal systems-wholesale
  • Batteries, except automotive-wholesale
  • Boxes and fittings, electrical-wholesale
  • Bus bars and trolley ducts-wholesale
  • Cable conduit-wholesale
  • Capacitors, except electronic-wholesale
  • Circuit breakers-wholesale
  • Coaxial cable-wholesale
  • Conduits and raceways-wholesale
  • Construction materials, electrical: interior and exterior-wholesale
  • Distribution equipment, electrical-wholesale
  • Flashlights-wholesale
  • Fuses and accessories-wholesale
  • Generators, electrical-wholesale
  • Hanging and fastening devices, electrical-wholesale
  • Industrial motor controls-wholesale
  • Insulators, electrical-wholesale
  • Lamp bulbs-wholesale
  • Light bulbs, electric-wholesale
  • Lighting fixtures: residential, commercial, and industrial-wholesale
  • Lugs and connectors, electrical-wholesale
  • Motor controls, electric-wholesale
  • Motors, electric-wholesale
  • Panelboards-wholesale
  • Pole line hardware-wholesale
  • Power transmission equipment, electric-wholesale
  • Receptacles, electrical-wholesale
  • Relays-wholesale
  • Safety switches-wholesale
  • Service entrance equipment, electrical-wholesale
  • Signaling equipment, electrical-wholesale
  • Storage batteries, industrial-wholesale
  • Switchboards, electrical distribution-wholesale
  • Switches, except electronic-wholesale
  • Switchgear-wholesale
  • Time switches-wholesale
  • Transformers, electric: except electronic-wholesale
  • Transmission equipment, electrical-wholesale
  • Unit substations-wholesale
  • Wire rope or cable, insulated-wholesale
  • Wire, insulated-wholesale
  • Wiring devices-wholesale
  • Wiring materials, interior-wholesale
  • Wiring supplies-wholesale

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