Division D: Manufacturing
Major Group 29: Petroleum Refining And Related Industries

Industry Group 299: Miscellaneous Products Of Petroleum And Coal

2992 Lubricating Oils and Greases

Establishments primarily engaged in blending, compounding, and re-refining lubricating oils and greases from purchased mineral, animal, and vegetable materials. Petroleum refineries engaged in the production of lubricating oils and greases are classified in Industry 2911.
  • Brake fluid, hydraulic-mfpm
  • Cutting oils, blending and compounding from purchased material
  • Greases, lubricating-mfpm
  • Hydraulic fluids-mfpm
  • Lubricating greases and oils-mfpm
  • Re-refining lubricating oils and greases-mfpm
  • Rust arresting compounds, animal and vegetable oil base-mfpm
  • Transmission fluid-mfpm

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