This major group includes retail stores primarily engaged in selling food for home preparation and consumption. Establishments primarily engaged in selling prepared foods and drinks for consumption on the premises are classified in Major Group 58, and stores primarily engaged in selling packaged beers and liquors are classified in Industry 5921.
Industry Group 541: Grocery Stores
·5411 Grocery Stores
Industry Group 542: Meat And Fish (seafood) Markets, Including
·5421 Meat and Fish (Seafood) Markets, Including Freezer Provisioners
Industry Group 543: Fruit And Vegetable Markets
·5431 Fruit and Vegetable Markets
Industry Group 544: Candy, Nut, And Confectionery Stores
·5441 Candy, Nut, and Confectionery Stores
Industry Group 545: Dairy Products Stores
·5451 Dairy Products Stores
Industry Group 546: Retail Bakeries
·5461 Retail Bakeries
Industry Group 549: Miscellaneous Food Stores
·5499 Miscellaneous Food Stores

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