Division J: Public Administration
Major Group 96: Administration Of Economic Programs

Industry Group 965: Regulation, Licensing, And Inspection Of

9651 Regulation, Licensing, and Inspection of Miscellaneous Commercial Sectors

Government establishments primarily engaged in regulation, licensing, and inspection of other commercial sectors, such as retail trade, professional occupations, manufacturing, mining, construction and services. Maintenance of physical standards, regulating hazardous conditions not elsewhere classified, and alcoholic beverage control are classified here. Private establishments primarily engaged in regulation, licensing, and establishment of standards are classified in Services, Division I.
  • Alcoholic beverage control boards-government
  • Banking regulatory agencies-government
  • Bureaus of standards-government
  • Inspection for labor standards-government
  • Insurance commissions-government
  • Labor-management negotiations boards-government
  • Licensing and permit for professional occupations-government
  • Licensing and permit for retail trade-government
  • Minimum wage program administration-government
  • Price control agencies-government
  • Rent control agencies-government
  • Securities regulation commissions
  • Wage control agencies-government

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