This major group includes establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing products not classified in any other manufacturing major group. Industries in this group fall into the following categories: jewelry, silverware, and plated ware; musical instruments; dolls, toys, games, and sporting and athletic goods; pens, pencils, and artists' materials; buttons, costume novelties, miscellaneous notions; brooms and brushes; caskets; and other miscellaneous manufacturing industries.
Industry Group 391: Jewelry, Silverware, And Plated Ware
·3911 Jewelry, Precious Metal
·3914 Silverware, Plated Ware, and Stainless Steel Ware
·3915 Jewelers' Findings and Materials, and Lapidary Work
Industry Group 393: Musical Instruments
·3931 Musical Instruments
Industry Group 394: Dolls, Toys, Games And Sporting And Athletic
·3942 Dolls and Stuffed Toys
·3944 Games, Toys, and Children's Vehicles, Except Dolls and Bicycles
·3949 Sporting and Athletic Goods, Not Elsewhere Classified
Industry Group 395: Pens, Pencils, And Other Artists Materials
·3951 Pens, Mechanical Pencils, and Parts
·3952 Lead Pencils, Crayons, and Artists' Materials
·3953 Marking Devices
·3955 Carbon Paper and Inked Ribbons
Industry Group 396: Costume Jewelry, Costume Novelties, Buttons, And Miscellaneous Notions, Ecept Precious Metal
·3961 Costume Jewelry and Costume Novelties, Except Precious Metal
·3965 Fasteners, Buttons, Needles, and Pins
Industry Group 399: Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries
·3991 Brooms and Brushes
·3993 Signs and Advertising Specialties
·3995 Burial Caskets
·3996 Linoleum, Asphalted-Felt-Base, and Other Hard Surface Floor Coverings, Not Elsewhere Classified
·3999 Manufacturing Industries, Not Elsewhere Classified

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