TÜV SÜD America Inc.

Certification Mark for TUVAM
Scope of Recognition*
  • TÜV SÜD America Inc.
  • 10 Technology Drive
  • Peabody, MA 01960
  • Phone: 978-573-2500
  • Email: info@tuvam.com
  • TÜV SÜD America Inc.
  • 10040 Mesa Rim Road
  • San Diego, California 92121
  • TÜV SÜD America Inc.
  • 1775 Old Highway 8 NW, Suite 104
  • New Brighton, Minnesota 55112
  • TÜV SÜD Canada
  • 1229 Ringwell Drive
  • Newmarket, ON, L3Y 8T8, Canada
  • TÜV SÜD China
  • Shanghai Branch
  • 3–13, No. 151 Heng Tong Road
  • Shanghai 200070, P.R. China.
  • Ridlerstrasse 65
  • D-80339, Munich, Germany
  • Daimlerstrasse 11
  • D-85748, Garching, Germany
Standard Number Standard Title
ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1:2005/(R)2012 Medical electrical equipment, Part 1: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance (with amendments)
ANSI Z21.13 Gas-Fired Low Pressure Steam and Hot Water Boilers
ANSI Z21.10.3 Gas-Fired Water Heaters - Volume III, Storage Water Heaters With Input Ratings Above 75,000 BTU Per Hour, Circulating and Instantaneous
ANSI Z83.8 Gas Unit Heaters, Gas Utility Heaters and Gas-Fired Duct Furnaces
ASME A17.5 Elevators and Escalator Electrical Equipment
UL 22 Amusement and Gaming Machines
UL 48 Electric Signs
UL 50 Enclosures for Electrical Equipment
UL 67 Panelboards
UL 69 Electric Fence Controllers
UL 73 Motor-Operated Appliances
UL 82 Electric Gardening Appliances
UL 197 Commercial Electric Cooking Appliances
UL 201 Garage Equipment
UL 250 Household Refrigerators and Freezers
UL 291 Automated Teller Systems
UL 325 Door, Drapery, Gate, Louver, and Window Operators and Systems
UL 399 Drinking Water Coolers
UL 412 Refrigeration Unit Coolers
UL 427 Refrigerating Units
UL 467 Electrical Grounding and Bonding Equipment
UL 471 Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers
UL 474 Dehumidifiers
UL 482 Portable Sun/Heat Lamps
UL 484 Room Air Conditioners
UL 497A Secondary Protectors for Communication Circuits
UL 499 Electric Heating Appliances
UL 506 Specialty Transformers
UL 507 Electric Fans
UL 508 Industrial Control Equipment
UL 508a Industrial Control Panels
UL 508c Power Conversion Equipment
UL 541 Refrigerated Vending Machines
UL 551 Transformer-type Arc-welding Machines
UL 561 Floor-Finishing Machines
UL 563 Ice Makers
UL 588 Seasonal and Holiday Decorative Products
UL 676 Underwater Luminaires and Submersible Junction Boxes
UL 696 Electric Toys
UL 697 Toy Transformers
UL 705 Power Ventilators
UL 726 Oil-Fired Boiler Assemblies
UL 727 Oil-Fired Central Furnaces
UL 745-2-3 Particular Requirements for Grinders, Polishers, and Disk Type Sanders
UL 745-2-14 Particular Requirements for Planers
UL 745-2-31 Particular Requirements for Diamond Core Drills
UL 745-2-32 Particular Requirements for Magnetic Drill Presses
UL 745-2-35 Particular Requirements for Drain Cleaners
UL 749 Household Dishwashers
UL 751 Vending Machines
UL 763 Motor-Operated Commercial Food Preparing Machines
UL 775 Graphic Arts Equipment
UL 778 Motor Operated Water Pumps
UL 795 Commercial-Industrial Gas Heating Equipment
UL 813 Commercial Audio Equipment
UL 826 Household Electric Clocks
UL 858 Household Electric Ranges
UL 859 Household Electric Personal Grooming Appliances
UL 867 Electrostatic Air Cleaners
UL 873 Temperature-Indicating and - Regulating Equipment
UL 875 Electric Dry-Bath Heaters
UL 921 Commercial Dishwashers
UL 923 Microwave Cooking Appliances
UL 924 Standard for Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment
UL 935 Fluorescent Lamp Ballasts
UL 963 Sealing, Wrapping, and Marking Machines
UL 969 Marking and Labeling Systems
UL 977 Fused Power Circuit Devices
UL 979 Water Treatment Appliances
UL 982 Motor-operated Household Food Preparing Machines
UL 984 Hermetic Refrigerant Motor Compressors
UL 987 Stationary and Fixed Electric Tools
UL 998 Humidifiers
UL 1012 Power Units Other Than Class 2
UL 1017 Vacuum Cleaners, Blower Cleaners, and Household Floor Finishing Machines
UL 1018 Electric Aquarium Equipment
UL 1026 Electric Household Cooking and Food Serving Appliances
UL 1028 Hair Clipping and Shaving Appliances
UL 1030 Sheathed Heating Elements
UL 1042 Electric Baseboard Heating Equipment
UL 1082 Household Electric Coffee Makers and Brewing-Type Appliances
UL 1083 Household Electric Skillets and Frying-Type Appliances
UL 1086 Household Trash Compactors
UL 1088 Temporary Lighting Strings
UL 1090 Electric Snow Movers
UL 1206 Electric Commercial Clothes Washing Equipment
UL 1230 Amateur Movie Lights
UL 1236 Battery Chargers for Charging Engine-Starter Batteries
UL 1240 Electric Commercial Clothes Drying Equipment
UL 1278 Movable and Wall - or Ceiling-Hung Electric Room Heaters
UL 1310 Class 2 Power Units
UL 1244 Electrical and Electronic Measuring and Testing Equipment
UL 1419 Professional Video and Audio Equipment
UL 1431 Personal Hygiene and Health Care Appliances
UL 1449 Surge Protective Devices
UL 1450 Motor-Operated Air Compressors, Vacuum Pumps and Painting Equipment
UL 1484 Residential Gas Detectors
UL 1492 Audio-Video Products and Accessories
UL 1559 Insect Control Equipment - Electrocution Type
UL 1561 Dry Type General Purpose and Power Transformers
UL 1563 Electric Spas, Equipment Assemblies, and Associated Equipment
UL 1573 Stage and Studio Luminaires and Connector Strips
UL 1574 Track Lighting Systems
UL 1594 Sewing and Cutting Machines
UL 1598 Luminaires
UL 1647 Motor-Operated Massage and Exercise Machines
UL 1662 Electric Chain Saws
UL 1740 Industrial Robots and Robotic Equipment
UL 1741 Inverters, Converters, Controllers and Interconnection System Equipment for Use With Distributed Energy Resources
UL 1778 Uninterruptible Power Supply Equipment
UL 1786 Direct Plug-In Nightlights
UL 1812 Ducted Heat Recovery Ventilators
UL 1815 Non-ducted Heat Recovery Ventilators
UL 1838 Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Systems
UL 1963 Refrigerant Recovery/Recycling Equipment
UL 1993 Self Ballasted Lamps and Lamp Adapters
UL 1995 Heating and Cooling Equipment
UL 1996 Electric Duct Heaters
UL 2021 Fixed and Location-Dedicated Electric Room Heaters
UL 2044 Commercial Closed-Circuit Television Equipment
UL 2108 Standard for Low Voltage Lighting Systems
UL 2111 Overheating Protection for Motors
UL 2157 Electric Clothes Washing Machines and Extractors
UL 2158 Electric Clothes Dryers
UL 2200 Stationary Engine Generator Assemblies
UL 2202 Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging System Equipment
UL 2738 Standard for Induction Power Transmitters and Receivers for Use With Low Energy Products
UL 5085-1 Low Voltage Transformers - Part 1: General Requirements
UL 5085-3 Low Voltage Transformers - Part 3: Class 2 and Class 3 Transformers
UL 6500 Audio/Video and Musical Instrument Apparatus for Household, Commercial, and Similar General Use
UL 8750 Light Emitting Diode (LED) Equipment for Use in Lighting
UL 60065 Audio, Video and Similar Electronic Apparatus.
UL 60335-1 Safety of Household and Similar Electrical Appliances, Part 1: General Requirements
UL 60335-2-3 Household and Similar Electrical Appliances, Part 2: Particular Requirements for Electric Irons
UL 60335-2-8 Household and Similar Electrical Appliances, Part 2: Particular Requirements for Electric Shavers, Hair Clippers, and Similar Appliances
UL 60335-2-34 Household and Similar Electrical Appliances, Part 2: Particular Requirements for Motor-Compressors
UL 60601-1 Medical Electrical Equipment, Part 1: General Requirements for Safety
UL 60745-1 Hand-Held Motor-Operated Electric Tools - Safety - Part 1: General Requirements
UL 60745-2-1 Particular Requirements for Drills and Impact Drills
UL 60745-2-2 Hand-Held Motor-Operated Electric Tools-Safety-Part 2-2: Particular Requirements for Screwdrivers and Impact Wrenches
UL 60745-2-3 Particular Requirements for Grinders, Polishers and Disk-Type Sanders
UL 60745-2-4 Hand-Held Motor-Operated Electric Tools - Safety - Part 2-4: Particular Requirements for Sanders and Polishers Other Than Disk
UL 60745-2-5 Particular Requirements for Circular Saws
UL 60745-2-6 Hand-Held Motor-Operated Electric Tools - Safety - Part 2-6: Particular Requirements for Hammers
UL 60745-2-8 Hand-Held Motor-Operated Electric Tools - Safety - Part 2-8: Particular Requirements for Shears and Nibblers
UL 60745-2-9 Hand-Held Motor-Operated Electric Tools - Safety - Part 2-9: Particular Requirements for Tappers
UL 60745-2-11 Hand-Held Motor-Operated Electric Tools - Safety - Part 2-11: Particular Requirements for Reciprocating Saws
UL 60745-2-12 Hand-Held Motor-Operated Electric Tools - Safety - Part 2-12: Particular Requirements for Concrete Vibrators
UL 60745-2-14 Particular Requirements for Planers
UL 60745-2-15 Hand-Held Motor-Operated Electric Tools - Safety - Part 2-15: Particular Requirements for Hedge Trimmer
UL 60745-2-16 Hand-Held Motor-Operated Electric Tools - Safety - Part 2-16: Particular Requirements for Tackers
UL 60745-2-17 Particular Requirements for Routers and Trimmers
UL 60745-2-18 Hand-Held Motor-Operated Electric Tools - Safety - Part 2-18: Particular Requirements for Strapping Tools
UL 60745-2-20 Hand-Held Motor-Operated Electric Tools - Safety - Part 2-20: Particular Requirements for Band Saws
UL 60950-1 Information Technology Equipment - Safety - Part 1: General Requirements
UL 61010-1 Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control and Laboratory Use; Part 1: General Requirements
UL 61010-2-010 Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control and Laboratory Use - Part 2-010: Particular Requirements for Laboratory Equipment for the Heating of Materials
UL 61010-2-020 Standard for Safety Requirements for Electrical Equipment for Laboratory Use; Part 2-020: Particular Requirements for Laboratory Centrifuges
UL 61010-2-051 Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control and Laboratory Use - Part 2-051: Particular Requirements for Laboratory Equipment for Mixing and Stirring
UL 61010-2-061 Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control and Laboratory Use - Part 2-061: Particular Requirements for Laboratory Atomic Spectrometers with Thermal Atomization and Ionization
UL 61800-5-1 Adjustable Speed Electrical Power Drive Systems – Part 5-1: Safety Requirements – Electrical, Thermal and Energy
UL 62368-1 Audio/Video, information and communication technology equipment—Part 1: Safety Requirements

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