International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials EGS (IAPMO)

Certification Mark for IAPMO
Scope of Recognition*
  • 5001 East Philadelphia Street
  • Ontario, CA 91761
Standard Number Standard Title
UL 73 Standard for Safety Motor-Operated Appliances
UL 197 Standard for Commercial Electric Cooking Appliances
UL 399 Drinking Water Coolers
UL 676 Standard for Underwater Luminaires and Submersible Junction Boxes
UL 763 Standard for Commercial Safety for Motor-Operated Commercial Food Preparing Machines
UL 778 Motor-Operated Water Pumps
UL 875 Standard for Electric Dry-Bath Heaters
UL 962 Standard for Household and Commercial Furnishings
UL 979 Standard for Water Treatment Appliances
UL 1081 Swimming Pool Pumps, Filters, and Chlorinators
UL 1241 Standard for Junction Boxes for Swimming Pool Luminaires
UL 1261 Standard for Electric Water Heaters for Pools and Tubs
UL 1431 Personal Hygiene and Health Care Appliances
UL 1563 Electric Spas, Equipment Assemblies, and Associated Equipment
UL 1795 Hydromassage Bathtubs
UL 1951 Electric Plumbing Accessories

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