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    Protection of Individual Privacy and Access to Records Under the Privacy Act of 1974
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    71 Subpart A
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    Form and content of component responses.
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Form of notice granting request for access. A request by the individual data subject for access to his or her own records shall not be denied unless both a Privacy Act exemption and a Freedom of Information Act exemption apply to the requested records. A component shall make a determination within 30 days to grant or deny a request for access in whole or in part. If the request is granted in whole, the component shall so notify the requester in writing. The notice shall describe the manner in which access to the record will be granted and shall inform the requester of any fees to be charged in accordance with §71.6.


Form of notice denying request for access. A component denying a request for access in whole or in part shall so notify the requester in writing. The notice, signed by the responsible agency official, shall include:


The name and title or position of the person responsible for the denial;


A brief statement of the reason or reasons for the denial, including the Privacy Act and FOIA exemption or exemptions which the component has relied upon in denying the request; and


A statement that the denial may be appealed under §71.7(a), and a description of the requirements of that paragraph.


Record cannot be located. If no records are found which are responsive to the request, the component shall so notify the requester in writing. Such notification by the component shall inform the requester that, if the requester considers this response to be a denial of their request, the requester has a right to appeal to the Solicitor of Labor, within ninety days, as set forth in §71.7.


Medical records. When an individual requests medical records concerning himself, which are not otherwise exempt from disclosure, the disclosure officer shall, if deemed necessary because of possible harm to the individual, advise the individual that the Department of Labor believes that the records should be provided to a physician designated in writing by the individual. In addition, the Department shall request the individual to designate such a physician. Upon receipt of the designation, the disclosure officer will permit the physician to review the records or to receive copies of the records by mail, upon proper verification of identity.

[63 FR 56743, Oct. 22, 1998]