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    Safety and Health Regulations for Construction
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    1926 Subpart X
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    Stairways and Ladders
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Appendix A to Subpart X of Part 1926 - Ladders

This appendix serves as a non-mandatory guideline to assist employers in complying with the ladder loading and strength requirements of § 1926.1053(a)(1). A ladder designed and built in accordance with the applicable national consensus standards, as set forth below, will be considered to meet the requirements of § 1926.1053(a)(1):

  • Manufactured portable wood ladders: American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A14.1-1982 - American National Standard for Ladders-Portable Wood-Safety Requirements.
  • Manufactured portable metal ladders: ANSI A14.2-1982 - American National Standard for Ladders - Portable Metal - Safety Requirements.
  • Manufactured fixed ladders: ANSI A14.3-1984 - American National Standard for Ladders - Fixed - Safety Requirements.
  • Job-made ladders: ANSI A14.4-1979 - Safety Requirements for Job-Made Ladders.
  • Plastic ladders: ANSI A14.5-1982 - American National Standard for Ladders - Portable Reinforced Plastic - Safety Requirements

[55 FR 46791, Nov. 14, 1990]