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    Safety and Health Regulations for Construction
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    1926 Subpart V
  • Subpart Title:
    Electric Power Transmission and Distribution
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    Materials handling and storage.
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General. Materials handling and storage shall comply with applicable material-handling and material-storage requirements in this part, including those in subparts N and CC of this part.


Materials storage near energized lines or equipment -

Unrestricted areas. In areas to which access is not restricted to qualified persons only, materials or equipment may not be stored closer to energized lines or exposed energized parts of equipment than the following distances, plus a distance that provides for the maximum sag and side swing of all conductors and for the height and movement of material-handling equipment:
For lines and equipment energized at 50 kilovolts or less, the distance is 3.05 meters (10 feet).
For lines and equipment energized at more than 50 kilovolts, the distance is 3.05 meters (10 feet) plus 0.10 meter (4 inches) for every 10 kilovolts over 50 kilovolts.

Restricted areas. In areas restricted to qualified employees, materials may not be stored within the working space about energized lines or equipment.

Note to paragraph (b)(2): Paragraph (b) of § 1926.966 specifies the size of the working space.

[79 FR 20702, July 10, 2014]