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    Safety and Health Regulations for Construction
  • Subpart:
    1926 Subpart V
  • Subpart Title:
    Electric Power Transmission and Distribution
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    Medical services and first aid.
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General. The employer shall provide medical services and first aid as required in § 1926.50.
First-aid training. In addition to the requirements of § 1926.50, when employees are performing work on, or associated with, exposed lines or equipment energized at 50 volts or more, persons with first-aid training shall be available as follows:
Field work. For field work involving two or more employees at a work location, at least two trained persons shall be available.
Fixed work locations. For fixed work locations such as substations, the number of trained persons available shall be sufficient to ensure that each employee exposed to electric shock can be reached within 4 minutes by a trained person. However, where the existing number of employees is insufficient to meet this requirement (at a remote substation, for example), each employee at the work location shall be a trained employee.

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