• Part Number:
  • Part Number Title:
    Safety and Health Regulations for Construction
  • Subpart:
    1926 Subpart O
  • Subpart Title:
    Motor Vehicles, Mechanized Equipment, and Marine Operations
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  • Title:
    Site clearing.
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General requirements.

Employees engaged in site clearing shall be protected from hazards of irritant and toxic plants and suitably instructed in the first aid treatment available.
All equipment used in site clearing operations shall be equipped with rollover guards meeting the requirements of this subpart. In addition, rider-operated equipment shall be equipped with an overhead and rear canopy guard meeting the following requirements:

The overhead covering on this canopy structure shall be of not less than 1⁄8-inch steel plate or 1⁄4-inch woven wire mesh with openings no greater than 1 inch, or equivalent.


The opening in the rear of the canopy structure shall be covered with not less than 1⁄4-inch woven wire mesh with openings no greater than 1 inch.


Specific requirements. [Reserved]