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    Safety and Health Regulations for Construction
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    1926 Subpart K
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This subpart addresses electrical safety requirements that are necessary for the practical safeguarding of employees involved in construction work and is divided into four major divisions and applicable definitions as follows:

Installation safety requirements. Installation safety requirements are contained in 1926.402 through 1926.408. Included in this category are electric equipment and installations used to provide electric power and light on jobsites.
Safety-related work practices. Safety-related work practices are contained in 1926.416 and 1926.417. In addition to covering the hazards arising from the use of electricity at jobsites, these regulations also cover the hazards arising from the accidental contact, direct or indirect, by employees with all energized lines, above or below ground, passing through or near the jobsite.
Safety-related maintenance and environmental considerations. Safety-related maintenance and environmental considerations are contained in 1926.431 and 1926.432.
Safety requirements for special equipment. Safety requirements for special equipment are contained in 1926.441.
Definitions. Definitions applicable to this Subpart are contained in 1926.449.