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    Safety and Health Regulations for Construction
  • Subpart:
    1926 Subpart E
  • Subpart Title:
    Personal Protective and Life Saving Equipment
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    Definitions applicable to this subpart.
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"Contaminant" means any material which by reason of its action upon, within, or to a person is likely to cause physical harm.


"Lanyard" means a rope, suitable for supporting one person. One end is fastened to a safety belt or harness and the other end is secured to a substantial object or a safety line.


"Lifeline" means a rope, suitable for supporting one person, to which a lanyard or safety belt (or harness) is attached.


"O.D." means optical density and refers to the light refractive characteristics of a lens.


"Radiant energy" means energy that travels outward in all directions from its sources.


"Safetybelt" means a device, usually worn around the waist which, by reason of its attachment to a lanyard and lifeline or a structure, will prevent a worker from falling.

[44 FR 8577, Feb. 9, 1979]

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