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    Gear Certification
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    1919 Subpart H
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    Certification of Shore-Based Material Handling Devices
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Documents issued respecting a certification function by an accredited person shall be on forms approved for such use by the Assistant Secretary and shall so state.
Such documents shall be issued by the accredited person to the owners of affected equipment, attesting to satisfactory compliance with applicable requirements. The forms used shall contain the following information:
Unit proof tests where required -
Identification of crane or derrick including manufacturer, model number, serial number, and ownership.
Basis for assignment of safe worksigned (i.e., whether based on manufacturing load ratings, with the ratings asturer's ratings, whether for any specific service, etc.).
Proof test details noting radii and proof loads, how applied, and, where applicable, direction relative to mounting.
A statement that the test and associated examination were conducted and all applicable requirements of this subpart are met.
Any necessary remarks or supplementary data, including limitations imposed and the reason thereof.
Name of accredited person and identification of authorized representative actually conducting test and/or examination.
Authorized signature of accredited person; date and place of test and/or examination.
Annual examination of cranes or derricks -

Information specified in paragraphs (b)(1) (i), (v), (vi), and (vii) of this section.

A statement that the required examination has been carried out and that, in the opinion of the accredited person or his authorized representative, the equipment has been found in compliance in all applicable respects with the requirements of this subpart.
Annual examination of bulk cargo loading or discharging spouts or suckers -
Specific identification of equipment.

A statement that examination has been completed and that, in the opinion of the accredited person or his authorized representative, the equipment meets the criteria of § 1919.81(a).


Information specified in paragraphs (b)(1) (v), (vi), and (vii) of this section.


Certificates relating to wire rope, whether tested by or under the supervision of the accredited person or by its manufacturer and whether or not issued on the basis of the manufacturer's certificates, shall follow the general format of a wire rope test form approved by the Administration.

Accredited persons shall advise owners of affected equipment of the necessity for maintaining required documentation or acceptable copies thereof available for inspection at or near the worksite of the equipment involved.
Where initial and periodic tests as well as annual examinations are required, documentation available for inspection shall include the latest unit test certificate and any subsequent annual examination certificates, together with wire rope test certificates relating to any replacements since the last unit test or annual examination.
Where only annual examination is required, documentation available for inspection shall include the latest annual examination certificate and wire rope test certificates relating to any wire replaced since the last annual examination.
In the event that the heat treatment of any loose gear is recommended by its manufacturer, the latest heat treatment certificate, attesting to compliance with the manufacturer's specifications, shall be part of the available documentation.
No certification shall be issued until any deficiencies considered by the accredited person to constitute a currently unsatisfactory condition have been corrected. Replacement parts shall be of equal or better quality than original equipment and suitable for the purpose. In the event deficiencies remain uncorrected and no certification therefore is issued, the accredited person shall inform the nearest district office of the Administration of the circumstances.

(Section 1919.90 contains a collection of information which has been approved by the Office of Management and Budget under OMB Control No. 1218-0003)

[39 FR 22096; June 19, 1974; 61 FR 5507, Feb. 13, 1996]