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    Gear Certification
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    1919 Subpart E
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    Certification of Vessels: Tests and Proof Loads; Heat Treatment; Competent Persons
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    Examinations subsequent to unit tests.
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After satisfactory completion of the unit proof load tests required by §§ 1919.27 and 1919.28, the cargo gear and all component parts thereof shall be given a thorough visual examination, supplemented as necessary by other means, such as a hammer test or with electronic, ultrasonic, or other nondestructive methods, to determine if any of the parts were damaged, deformed, or otherwise rendered unsafe for further use.

When the test of gear referred to in paragraph (a) of this section is being conducted for the first time on a vessel, accessory gear shall be dismantled or disassembled for examination after the test. The sheaves and pins of the blocks included in this test need not be removed unless there is evidence of deformation or failure.
For subsequent tests such parts of the gear shall be dismantled or disassembled after the test as necessary to determine their suitability for continued service.
When blocks are disassembled all shell bolt nuts shall be securely locked upon reassembly.
In carrying out the requirements of this section, replacement shall be required of:
Any swivel found to have excessive tolerance as a result of wear on any bearing surface.
Pins of blocks found to be shouldered, notched, or grooved from wear, in which case, in addition to replacing the pin, sheave bushings shall be examined for suitability for continued use.