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    Gear Certification
  • Subpart:
    1919 Subpart D
  • Subpart Title:
    Certification of Vessels' Cargo Gear
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  • Title:
    Periodic tests, examinations and inspections.
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After being taken into use, every hoisting machine, all fixed gear aboard vessels accessory thereto and loose gear used in connection therewith shall be tested, thoroughly examined or inspected as follows:

Derricks with their winches and accessory gear, including the attachments, as a unit; and cranes and other hoisting machines with their accessory gear, as a unit, shall be tested and thoroughly examined every 5 years in the manner set forth in subpart E of this part.
Derricks, their permanent attachments and any other fixed gear, the dismantling of which is especially difficult, shall be visually inspected every twelve months. In order to facilitate such inspection, all derricks shall be lowered.
All hoisting machines (e.g., cranes, winches, blocks, shackles, and all other accessory gear) not included in paragraph (b) of this section shall be thoroughly examined every 12 months by means of a visual examination, supplemented as necessary by other means, such as a hammer test or with electronic, ultrasonic, or other nondestructive methods, carried out as carefully as conditions permit in order to arrive at a reliable conclusion as to the safety of the parts examined. Particular attention shall be paid to the suitability for continued use of all swivels and the pins and bushings of blocks. If necessary, parts of the machines or gear shall be dismantled. If blocks are disassembled, all shell bolt nuts shall be securely locked upon reassembly.
Where a derrick or crane is mounted on a barge hull, and ballast tanks within the hull are used to facilitate use of the derrick or crane, or uncontrolled free surface may be a factor, each annual inspection or examination, as required, shall include such inspection as is necessary for the purpose of determining the integrity of any internals contributing to stability under conditions of use. The owner shall provide the accredited person with necessary information on any ballasting arrangements required.
Annual inspection or examination, as required, shall include, among other things, examination of the following:
Derrick heel attachment points. Heel pins may, if possible, be examined by nondestructive examination.
Shrouds and stays necessary in the use of the gear, together with attachment points.
Deck fittings for the securing of vangs, topping lifts, and/or preventers.

Means of attachment to the hull of "A" frame or other fixed derrick or crane structure and of mobile types of equipment permanently placed aboard the barge or vessel.

Clamshell buckets or other similar equipment, such as magnets, etc., used in conjunction with a derrick or crane mounted aboard a vessel, with particular attention to closing line wires and sheaves. The accredited person may supplement such examination by requesting any operational tests he may deem appropriate.

Winch and other operating drums for excessive wear or defect.

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