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    Gear Certification
  • Subpart:
    1919 Subpart C
  • Subpart Title:
    Duties of Persons Accredited To Certificate Vessels' Cargo Gear
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    Recordkeeping and related procedures concerning records in custody of the vessel.
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A fully completed and up-to-date register shall be kept in the form prescribed or approved by the Administration, giving the particulars required with respect to:

The inspections and thorough examinations required by § 1919.15(a) and (b).


The thorough examinations required by § 1919.15(c).


The thorough examinations required by § 1919.17.


The heat treatment required by § 1919.16 (a) and (b), and § 1919.19.

Certificates in the form prescribed or approved by the Administration shall be kept up-to-date, be attached to the register, and shall contain the particulars required with respect to:

The testing and examinations required by §§ 1919.14, 1919.15(a), and 1919.19.


The heat treatment required by §§ 1919.16 and 1919.19.


The certificates and entries in the register shall be signed by a person qualified under § 1919.37.

Adequate means shall be provided to enable persons examining the register, or any certificate attached thereto, to identify items of cargo gear referred to therein. Small items of gear, such as shackles, shall bear a mark to indicate that they have been initially tested.
Records shall be kept aboard vessels identifying wire rope or articles of loose gear obtained from time to time and required to be certificated under the regulations of this part.
An accredited person shall instruct the vessel's officers, or the vessel's operator if the vessel is unmanned, that the vessel's register and certificates shall be preserved for at least 5 years after the date of the latest entry except in the case of nonrecurring test certificates concerning gear which is kept in use for a longer period, in which event the pertinent certificates shall be retained so long as that gear is continued in use.

In cases where derricks, spouts, suckers, or cranes are mounted permanently aboard barges which remain in domestic inland waters service, the certification documentation shall comply with the provisions of § 1919.90 of this part.

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