# Regulations
1 - 1926.502(d) - Fall protection systems criteria and practices.
# Settlement Agreement
1 - Industry Settlement Agreement - Edison Electric Institute - 02/13/2015
# Standard Interpretations
1 - 1926.502(d) - Fall protection requirements applicable during the construction of retaining walls
2 - 1926.502(d) - Federal requirements for the anchorages and connectors in personal fall arrest systems.
3 - 1926.502(d) - Fall protection requirements for employees working on an elevator car frame.
4 - 1926.502(d) - Whether compliance with an updated ANSI standard on gate strength for carabiners and snaphooks is required.
5 - 1926.502(d) - Whether a manufacturer-stipulated minimum anchor point elevation of 18 feet precludes the use of a shock absorbing lanyard in an aerial lift.
6 - 1926.502(d) - Whether the "Clear Gear Lanyard Elevator" conforms to OSHA construction standards.
7 - 1926.502(d) - Re: Application of OSHA's de minimis policy to the requirements of 29 CFR 1926.452(o)(3) and 29 CFR 1926.552(c)(1) - 1926.552(c)(4), 1926.552(c)(8), 1926.552(c)(13), 1926.552(c)(14)(i), and 1926.552(c)(16) regarding certain chimney construction work.
8 - 1926.502(d) - Fall protection components from different manufacturers may be used together provided connecting parts are sized compatibly.
9 - 1926.502(d) - Compliance of an aerial lift fall protection device connected with a releasable tether and a non-releasable tether.
10 - 1926.502(d) - Clarification of several residential construction and fall protection issues.
11 - 1926.502(d) - Clarification of 1926.502(d)(6) term "designed for" in snaphook connections.
12 - 1926.502(d) - Use of aerial lift or scissor lift guardrails as a work or scaffold platform.
13 - 1926.502(d) - Standards applicable to aerial lifts; acceptable uses of body belts as restraint systems and positioning devices.
14 - 1926.502(d) - Use of aerial lifts to transport workers to elevated workstations; scissor lifts are not covered by the aerial lift provisions.
15 - 1926.502(d) - Application of the Confined Spaces Advisor to construction; personal fall arrest system requirements.
16 - 1926.502(d) - Fall protection for various lift-devices; restraint, positioning, fall arrest and rescue requirements; maintenance vs. construction examples.
17 - 1926.502(d) - Lanyards and vertical lifelines must meet breaking and tensile strength requirements.
18 - 1926.502(d) - Anchoring of fall arrest system to aerial lifts; fall arrest vs. restraint systems.
19 - 1926.502(d) - Shock absorbing lanyards are not mandatory.
20 - 1926.502(d) - Fall protection during electrical maintenance and construction work on aerial lifts.
21 - 1926.502(d) - Fall protection for vendors delivering roofing materials.
22 - 1926.502(d) - Fall protection and pipe racks.