# Standard Interpretations
1 - 1926.451(g) - Applicability of scaffold fall protection to guardrails near ladder access areas on scaffolds; toeboards across ladder access areas.
2 - 1926.451(g) - Whether there is a conflict between provisions in 1926.451 regarding the use of screening.
3 - 1926.451(g) - Tie-in requirements for supported scaffolds; errors in Non-Mandatory Appendix E.
4 - 1926.451(g) - Fall protection requirements for workers constructing a water tower while on a scaffold.
5 - 1926.451(g) - Fall protection requirements for employees working from a slide-out extension of a scissor lift platform.
6 - 1926.451(g) - Fall protection requirements for pump jack scaffold railings.
7 - 1926.451(g) - Use of portable ladders on tank builder's scaffolds during scaffold dismantling process in construction.
8 - 1926.451(g) - Fall protection requirements for employees working from a "work bridge" in concrete construction work
9 - 1926.451(g) - Exemptions for installation of guardrails on wall (interior) side.
10 - 1926.451(g) - Requirements of Interim Fall Protection Compliance Guidelines for Residential Construction for guardrails and fall protection during roofing work.
11 - 1926.451(g) - Employees engaged in formwork over 6 feet high must have fall protection.
12 - 1926.451(g) - Requirements for scaffold toprails and midrails;moving mobile scaffolds; outrigger frames.
13 - 1926.451(g) - Fall protection, training, inspection and design requirements of aerial lifts and scissor lifts/scaffolds.
14 - 1926.451(g) - Anchoring of fall arrest system to aerial lifts; fall arrest vs. restraint systems.
15 - 1926.451(g) - Waler (platform) covered by Subpart L; minimum scaffold platform width.
16 - 1926.451(g) - OSHA's New Fall Protection Standard for the Construction Industry.