# Regulations
1 1910.120(e) - Hazardous waste operations and emergency response.
# Standard Interpretations
1 - 1910.120(e) - Use of a "hybrid" course to meet training requirements for both a general site worker and a hazardous materials technician under HAZWOPER.
2 - 1910.120(e) - Clarification of HAZWOPER training requirements as they apply to an employee of the town of Windsor, VT.
3 - 1910.120(e) - Clarification of OSHA requirements for trainer qualifications under the HAZWOPER standard.
4 - 1910.120(e) - Initial and annual refresher HAZWOPER training requirements for employees exposed to health hazards or hazardous substances at TSD facilities.
5 - 1910.120(e) - Acceptability of using computer-based (on-line) training for the HAZWOPER 40-hour classroom training.
6 - 1910.120(e) - Application of absorbent pads for spill control;hazardous waste site cleanup training does not qualify worker as hazardous materials technician.
7 - 1910.120(e) - HAZWOPER refresher training and training documentation.
8 - 1910.120(e) - Employees who work at hazardous waste sites who are not involved in cleanup.
9 - 1910.120(e) - Site observations and writing reports and findings at hazardous waste sites.
10 - 1910.120(e) - Training requirements of HAZWOPER.
11 - 1910.120(e) - HAZWOPER applications.
12 - 1910.120(e) - Training requirements of Hazwoper for various functions.
13 - 1910.120(e) - Training requirements for drivers hauling hazardous waste
14 - 1910.120(e) - Criteria to evaluate employee exposure in order to trigger the training requirements of 1910.120(e)
15 - 1910.120(e) - Training requirements in 29 CFR 1910.120 concerning hazardous waste cleanup operations.
16 - 1910.120(e) - Exemption of employees who work at the perimeter of a hazardous waste site from training requirements of 1910.120(e).
17 - 1910.120(e) - Application of the training requirements under 1910.120(e) to underwater divers.
18 - 1910.120(e) - Application of OSHA's final standard for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response.
19 - 1910.120(e) - Training requirements under 1910.120 for employees providing services which do not disturb the hazardous materials on a waste site.