1 - A host employer has contracted employees for their nursing services. The host employer supervises the contracted employees on a day-to-day basis. Would the fact that the company that provides the contract employees has an office on the host's physical lo
2 - An employee of a temp service contracted to work at my company was injured and needed some medical treatment. Am I responsible to record this injury on my company's 300 log?
3 - Are accidents to volunteers and students who are not being paid but are working in a nursing home and under the supervision of the staff required to be logged in?
4 - Do I need to record a contractor injury on my company's 300 log or does the contractor company record it on their 300 logs?
5 - Employers must record injuries and illnesses that occur to employees who are not on their payroll if they supervise these employees on a day-to-day basis. Define supervising work on a day-to-day basis.
6 - How is the term "supervised" in section 1904.31 defined for the purpose of determining whether the host employer must record the work-related injuries and illnesses of employees obtained from a temporary help service?
7 - I have a facility where a temporary employee was injured. We supervise the worker on a day-to-day basis and the case has been entered on our 300 log. The injury has resulted in days away from work. How do I track the day count if the temp agency reassign
8 - If a self-employed person is injured or becomes ill while doing work at my business, do I need to record the injury or illness?
9 - If a temporary personnel agency sends its employees to work in an establishment that is not required to keep OSHA records, does the agency have to record the recordable injuries and illnesses of these employees?
10 - If an employee in my establishment is a contractor's employee, must I record an injury or illness occurring to that employee?
11 - If I obtain employees from a temporary help service, employee leasing service, or personnel supply service, do I have to record an injury or illness occurring to one of those employees?
12 - If we have a contract person working at our site and that person suffers a recordable injury while working, does their employer record the injury on their OSHA 300 log or do we record it on ours?
13 - Must the personnel supply service, temporary help service, employee leasing service, or contractor also record the injuries or illnesses occurring to temporary, leased or contract employees that I supervise on a day-to-day basis?
14 - One of our vendors is the nightly cleaning crew. Recently, one of the vendor's employees injured themselves while using our elevator and broke some bones in his finger. Is this a OSHA recordable injury? We are unsure due to the fact that he is employed b
15 - Our service utilizes volunteers as part of our work force. I need to know how to record an injury for a volunteer who does not receive any compensation, has been told to take three days off from work but has no regular scheduled shift or hours.
16 - Please confirm whether we should be recording injuries and illnesses for subcontractors working on our sites.
17 - Under the record keeping requirements, employers with less than 11 employees are not required to complete OSHA logs. If an employer had 2 employees and 15 volunteers both performing similar job tasks, would they be required to complete OSHA logs?
18 - We are a general contractor and hire supplemental craft and supervisory employees from a firm that supplies temporary help. One of the employees had a recordable injury. He was directly supervised by our employee. My understanding of the recordkeeping re
19 - We use many volunteer workers here at our place of business. Are injuries related to their work recordable on the OSHA log?
20 - When a temporary person from an agency is injured while working in our plant do I have to record it on my OSHA log ?