General Duty Standard Search

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This page enables the user to search text associated with the general duty standards cited during OSHA inspections.

OSHA publishes information on its inspection and citation activity on the Internet under the provisions of the Electronic Freedom of Information Act. Data for a given inspection will display if data exists for the inspection and the inspection is indicated as being closed. For open cases, in which a citation has been issued, the citation information may not be available for 5 days following receipt by the employer for Federal inspections or for 30 days following receipt by the employer for State inspections.


Within the Query field, enter the text associated with the general duty standards.


The NAICS may be specified at the 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6- digit level. An online NAICS resource is available from the U.S. Census Bureau.


The SIC may be specified at the 2, 3, or 4-digit level. When searching using a two or three digit SIC, the search results will return the SIC range ending in 00 - 99 for a two digit SIC and from 0 - 9 for a three digit search. For example, if the two digit SIC 01 was entered, the results would include the SIC from 0100 through 0199. If the three digit SIC 011 was entered, the results would include the SIC from 0110 through 0119. Inspections in all industries will be selected if no SIC specification is made. An online SIC code manual is available for help in finding SIC information.

OSHA Office

This identifies the OSHA Area Office or entity which was responsible for conducting the inspection.

Issuance Date

This option enables specification of a date range specifying the date the inspection was opened. Choose a starting date and an ending date from the drop-down lists. The following rules apply for the date range:

  • The date range defaults to five years.
  • An inspection for a specific date can be found by choosing the Start Date and leaving the End Date blank.
  • The largest time span between the Start Date and End Date is 10 years. If the time span between the Start Date and End Date is greater than 10 years, the time span will default to 10 years from the Start Date.


This option enables specification of a hazard category. This category is generated automatically based on text strings within the abstract text, or manually by the person reviewing the abstract.

General Duty Standard Search Category Definitions

General Duty Standard Search Category Definitions
Category Hazards Included
Bloodborne HIV, AIDS, HBV, Hepatitis
Explosion Explosion, fire
Falling Falls
Crushing Crushed
Confined Confined Space
Struck by Struck by, overhead hazards
Unapequip Unapproved Equipment
Chemical Chemicals, carcinogen, hazardous materials
Electric Electrocution, electrical shock
Ergonomic Ergonomic, repetitive motion, carpal tunnel, cumulative trauma
Dust & fumes Dust, fumes
Caught Caught
Unapopproc Unapproved Operating Procedure
Lacktrain Lack of training
Guarding Guarding, unguarded
Cuts Cuts, lacerations, amputation
Lockout Lockout, Tagout
Lifting Lifting, back injury
Cave in Cave in
Burns Burns, scalds
Heat Heat
Puncture Puncture
Radiation Radiation
Other Any other hazards not covered above
Unclass Hazard Category has not been assigned. (Normally temporary)
Unavail No abstract text provided for violation

Insp Nr.

This option enables specification of an inspection activity number.

Search Results

The search results displays the inspections using the criteria specified in the "General Duty Standard Search" form. At the top of the search results page lists the specifics of the search criteria.

The General Duty Standard Search Results Page contains the following information:

  • Inspection - Provides a unique identifier for the inspection. By clicking this link, specific information for this inspection will be displayed.
  • Citation - the citation issued for this occurrence. Clicking the link associated with the captation will display the citation details.
  • Issuance - Identifies the date of issuance.
  • Report ID - Identifies the OSHA office or organizational unit responsible for the inspection.
  • Category - Indicates the hazard category.
  • NAICS - Indicates the 6-digit North American Industry Classification System code.
  • SIC - Indicates the 4-digit Standard Industrial Classification Code from the 1987 version SIC manual which most closely applies. By clicking on this link, the SIC description is displayed.
  • Establishment Name - Identifies the establishment that was inspected.

Searches may be sorted by Date, Name or Office. If more than 20 results are returned, click on the arrow next to the Result Page text to navigate to the other search results. To return to the search page to perform another search, click on the Return to Search link.