Local Exhaust Ventilation Diagrams » Local Exhaust Ventilation System

diagram of a Local Exhaust Ventilation System highlighting the various features

Volumetric flow rate:

(T1) Mold filling hood - 1650 cfm

(T2) Launder hood - 2460 cfm

(T3) Metal tapping hood - 3660 cfm

(T5, T6, T7, T8) Refining kettle hoods -  4700 cfm

(T9, T10) Skip hoist furnace charging hood - 12100 cfm

(T12) Slag tapping hood - 4540 cfm

(T14) Skip hoist hoods (top and bottom) - 3930 cfm

(T15) Slot hood over furnace access doors - 1940 cfm

Exhaust pickups for new kettle hoods - 2940 cfm

Discharge from slag tapping baghouse - 5000 cfm

Inlet to main exhaust fan for smelter exhaust ventilation system

- 41700 cfm